Getting Started

This page will introduce you how to setup rclUE enabled UE project and run example.

Please check rclUE documentation for ROS 2 basic tutorial with rclUE.

Setup and run UE Project

  1. Download the lastest UE5 for Linux by following Unreal Engine for Linux.

  2. Clone and build

git clone `turtlebot3-UE <>`_
cd turtlebot3-UE
make turtlebot3Editor

* devel branch is supported to run with Ubuntu 20.04 with ROS 2 foxy.

* jammy branch is supported to run with Ubuntu 22.04 with ROS 2 humble.

  1. Run

  1. Open turtlebot3-UE/Content/Maps/turtlebot3_benchmark.umap and Play.

Since the prooject is set to use ROS2 with Discovery Server to communicate with ROS2 Node in UE, you needs to execute source turtlebot3_UE/

* In jammy branch, you can execute ./run_editor false to run project without Discovery Server.

Control from ROS2 2

turtlebot3_benchmark.umap has default turtlebot waffle robot in the level. You can replace that with other turtlebot3.

  • Control robot from teleop
    ros2 run teleop_twist_keyboard teleop_twist_keyboard
  • Control robot with nav2
    ros2 launch nav2_bringup use_simulator:=False map:=<path to turtlebot3-UE>/Content/Turtlebot3_benchmark.yaml

* If you start with ROS 2 Discovery Server, you needs to source turtlebot3_UE/ in terminal beofre executing following command.